I have been specializing in product descriptions for four years now with many happy repeat customers. My talent as a storyteller and screewriter, along with my belief that product descriptions are as important as product photography, has led to my success in writing product descriptions.

My descriptions all written from scratch, and rather than writing a few words that are already explained via the accompanying photos, I believe in telling a story or putting the reader into the photo and imagining their life with this product in it.

I will often do some research online when writing descriptions, especially if I need to add in some interesting facts or info on the product or the type of person that might buy the product.

Be sure to check out my reviews, I have over 200+ positive reviews for my product description which spans across a multitude of industries.

Descriptions include:

  • 100% written from scratch.

  • Unique!

  • SEO Keywords

  • Research if required.

  • Captivating titles with SEO

  • US or UK English

  • Up close and descriptive of the product (supplying photos is great!)

  • Storytelling or putting the reader in touch with the product, as if it were already in THEIR life.

  • 50-300 words, depending on the product. I am not fussy with word count, I prefer to write something perfect, than be concerned by word count.




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